What is Rocky Horror?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 musical comedy horror film and an adaptation of The Rocky Horror Show, a musical stage play. It is the longest running theatrical release in film history. It gained notoriety as a midnight movie in 1977 when audiences began participating with the film in theaters. The film has a large international cult following and is one of the most well-known and financially successful midnight movies of all time.

I've never seen the show before, what should I expect?

Expect to be called a Virgin and get called up on stage. Don't know what a Virgin is? See the next question. This is more than just a movie, it's an experience. Before the movie itself there will be a dance party and announcements for news and upcoming events.

Popping? That Sounds Painful.

It's not! You'll be asked to play a game with other virgins. While I cannot divulge all of the information about how you will be "popped," I can promise you that we have ALL gone through it, it's part of the experience, and it is a lot of fun.

How much is a ticket?

Tickets cost $10. They are available at the box office or online at https://thebasie.org/venue/basie-center-cinemas/. Tickets typically go on sale the Monday night before a show.

What is a Virgin?

A Virgin is a person that has never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show in a movie theater before. Broadway and DVD do not count, only live showings. This is a live experience. You will be called onto stage during emceeing and you will have your Rocky Horror Cherry popped.

What goes on during the movie?
Audience participation lines? Prop throwing?

A live stage performance will happen in front of the screen and through the aisle as the movie plays. The audience will shout audience participation lines throughout the movie itself. There will also be props thrown about.

Over the years the audience has come up with lines to shout out at the screen during the movie. Some of these lines stay the same, some change weekly based on current events, while others are made up on the spot. While the lines being shouted are hilarious, many of them are vulgar and offensive. These are the lines that audiences have learned or created. 

Prop throwing involves things like rice, newspaper, toilet paper, and playing cards being thrown about the audience during certain parts of the film. For example when Brad shouts out, "GREAT SCOTT!"toilet paper is tossed around the theater! You may purchase a prop bag from the cast for $2 that will include everything you need to participate in the fun! Bringing your own props is allowed. We just ask that you leave the toast, hot dogs, open flames, and water guns at home.

How long does the show usually run?

The movie itself runs 90 minutes long. Let in to the theater begins at midnight. After that there is a dance party followed by announcements and upcoming events. The movie itself will let out around 2:30am but may run later due to the previous movie being let out late or special events.

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